Manuscript Orchestra Score: Sinfonietta Esplanada
Sinfoneitta Esplanada
  • Overture Allegro 9' 40"
  • Nature Adagio non troppo 8' 38"
  • Future Vivace 12' 00" Total 30' 18" Year: 2002
Sinfoneitta Esplanada represents the tensile strength of the Esplanade with technological candour. It is a 24-hour movement inspired, shaped and scored by the glissette of the Esplanade. It is a digital musical journey composed by and revels in the geometry with a variety of sonority that symbolizes the high tech movements both locally and globally.

The Sinfornietta opens with a symmetry along the y-axis with woodblock, triangles and timpani, reminiscent of wings flapping in steady motion and develops into an extended study for triangles in the second movement, and finally the pace gravitates to the height of tonal and melodic affinities with fluctuating levels of endurance, and concentration while achieving the stamina of technological jogs.