twigee-tweedee , 1996
PC Mouse painted on digital snuff bottles
Coll: Private, Paris, France

twigee-tweedee the diptych presents the scenario of the absence of an audiable voice. On the right, it is a bird enclosed in a tightly sealed snuff bottle; on the left, it is the burnt twigs in a similar snuff bottle albeit without the bird! Where is the bird? Can't possibly escape from the enclosed space... Indeed, this is the result of deprivation of freedom! Freedom of space, freedom of expression, freedom to tweet, to reach out to their cohorts and others under the sky! Like birds, human, when devoid will experience the same void and consequences.


1  painting title convention follows Chinese tradition, right to left. As such, it would be read as tweedee-twigee in the Western tradition.
2  these two digital art works are masked.