• @ as a character in a BOOK TITLE in English Language
  • This is the FIRST time in the world @ is used in English officially.

  • 1992 May, the editor of World Scientific Publishing Co applied to the Library of Congress (LC), USA for CIP (Catalog-In-Publication)

  • 1992 Aug, Publisher World Scientific received a reply from LC, stating:
    • @ is an INVALID character, hence cannot be used in English
    • @ is to be replaced by at
    • LC took the liberty of authorizing the replacement and insisted that the cover and title page be replaced as well
    • Author Lin Hsin Hsin rejected the replacement by LC
    • LC conceded to the rejection, however, replaced the book title as:
      "Love At 1st Byte" on the imprint page
    • LC was UNABLE to classify the book, hence only catalogued it under poetry PR9570.S53 L565, LC makes no efforts to amend the classification to include Technology.
  • 1992 Aug The book was published
  • 1992 Oct The book was launched @ the Frankfurter Buchmesse, Frankfurt, Germany

  • Application of @ as a TRADEMARK

  • 1992 Jun Lin Hsin Hsin met with a senior IP (Intellectual Properties) Lawyer in Singapore to discuss the possibilities of:
    • including the use of @ in a Trademark
  • 1992 JunThe instant reply by the lawyer is: IMPOSSIBLE for both the applications