Lin Hsin Hsin is a digital native, an IT visionary, futurist & inventor, Artist, Poet, Author & Composer. Powered up by Linux, Hsin hsin pioneers digital media since 1986. She has initiated many different genres and sub-genres of digital art: 2D, 3D digital art, still & animated, interactive, participative, Web Art, Digital Performances, Finger Intelligence Technology on Android.
"There is NO Art, SCIENCE is the governor of Art"
museum main menu real-world non-digital oil on canvas, oil on paper, categorized by themes and by Series, handmade paper, paper workshop, sculptures Since September 1994, Hsin Hsin has completely replaced the real-world paint & brush by computational aesthetics and a PC mouse to paint Hsin Hsin uses one finger on Android platform to created 2D paintings, 3D sculptures & finger choreography to enable live 3D performances Hsin Hsin is a nature lover, optimizes computing resources, she pioneered equations-based digital sculptures July 2007 & jewelry, 2009 poems by Lin Hsin Hsin, an author of 70 books, including 8 poetry books, of which 3 books are completely dedicated to computers and the Internet museum theatre: this video clip was an extract from an interview in Spanish, broadcast to all Spanish speaking nations in July 1991 read all about Lin Hsin Hsin: IT inventor, artist, poet, composer bibliographic info available in 21 languages: UNESCO, magazines, journals, newspaper, broadcast media museum shop: art books, poetry books, U gotta read them all museum cafe: suip your favorite drink, listen to music, relax first virtual toilet in the world, 1994 information counter: news and reviews, greetings, timeline and more can be found here. infocounter

Lin Hsin Hsin anchors on interdisciplinary pursuits.

The concept of virtual museum, was initiated and established by Lin Hsin Hsin.
April 19, 1994, the world witnessed the first virtual museum
delivered by Mosaic 0.9N, housed on a Silicon Graphics Server.

WHO collects Lin Hsin Hsin's art:
worldwide, in Germany and digital art collectors

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